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Making Tomorrow Better

It’s your life. Live it how you want. We can help you make it happen.

We offer sales agents the opportunity to Make Tomorrow Better by protecting more lives and, in doing so, leaving a legacy. We give our employees the chance to Make Tomorrow Better by giving back, supporting initiatives with a service-first mindset, and promoting from within. Our actions today have a lasting impact on tomorrow. Therefore, we aim to inspire everyone in our network to help Make Tomorrow Better.

Be In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

Many jobs don’t allow the stability, flexibility, competitive income, and culture like a career with Everett & Associates does. 

Control Your Income

As an independent contractor, YOU are in control of your sales career. Your performance determines how much money you make and how far you take your insurance career.

Leadership Academy Training

Comprehensive training on all aspects of leadership, from basic skills to the finer points of Agency building.

Build Your Own Business

If you have the ability and drive, we will teach you how to build your own agency. Our insurance sales career track is built to help ensure you earn what you’re worth, while working to grow to your fullest potential. Once you open your own agency, you get to offer the same opportunity to anyone you encounter.  

Develop Leaders

Many of our agents have been able to pay off their houses, max out their savings accounts, send their children to good schools, and much more with this opportunity. Because of that, we’re committed to sharing the insurance sales career opportunity to everyone we encounter and developing leaders at every role within the agency.

Protect Your Community

We’ve been helping protect hardworking Americans with life and supplemental health insurance coverage since 1900. Our products help protect a family’s financial future during the worst time of their lives. When we’re not protecting our community, we’re giving back to it through hands-on volunteer and monetary contributions.

Why A Career with Everett & Associates?

Our passion for our life and supplemental health insurance products is contagious, and our work is meaningful. We continue to grow because of one thing: our people. We have the BEST insurance sales force because we truly operate as a family.

Earn What You Are Worth

As an independent contractor, YOU are in control. Your performance determines how much money you make and how far you take your career.

Earn Lifetime Renewals

In insurance sales, as long as a policyholder keeps paying their premiums each month, you keep getting paid commissions each month. There are also countless opportunities to earn bonuses and other compensation based on your performance and effort.

Recognition Programs

We love honoring the driven, determined, and unwavering professionals by sending them to our annual Conventions in exotic locations, running contests with great rewards like attending an NFL football game or sailing away on a cruise. If you work hard, you’ll reap the benefits.

Get Trained To Lead

Learn how to lead teams and grow professionally at our Leadership Academy. Whether you’re new to insurance sales, or an industry veteran, you’ll learn processes, techniques, and systems that will help catapult your career to the next level. Our Leadership Academy is the right path to a leadership opportunity.

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Take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding new career with Everett & Associates.